How to play Minesweeper Easiest way Hindi | English

How to play Minesweeper Easiest way in Hindi | English

How to play minesweeper?
How to play minesweeper?
This is one of my favorite game since class 7th but i don't know how to play this game, then in 11th Class i came to know through my brother that How to play Minesweeper. Its a very easy game and interesting also. so, here we are going to show you how to play this game and win easily in 1st attempt.

Steps to win Minesweeper Easily -:

1. Start the Game (First do Easiest Mode 9x9). Concept is same in Every level.
2. Check how much Mines are there in the game (10 Mines for 9x9 minesweeper).
3. Let's Play. First you have to do 2-3 random click on gaming area to unhide some of the boxes. Since in starting all boxes are Hidden.

4. After that you must have to know what these number represents. Let's take '1' this number represents that there are only 1 mine in its surrounding that means in surrounding 8 boxes. So the 1 box which is hidden have mine only. So we have to choose that area where we are sure that how much no. of mines are there in surrounding. If you see number '2' it means there are 2 mines in its surrounding that is in surrounding 8 boxes there are 2 mines.

a) Right Click on that box where you are sure that there is mine.
b) Double Right Click on that box where you have probability to have a mine.
c) Left Click to Unhide Boxes where you are sure that there is no mine.

Download Video (15 MB, 360p)

Download Game for Windows 8/8.1/10 Direct Link (58.1 KB)
Note -: If you are using Windows 8/8.1/10 then you can also download this game from Store.

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